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  Me & U-First!

A FREE eight module e-learning program on dementia care, developed for Front-line care providers.

Me & U-First! is a free, flexible and user-friendly internet-based course designed specifically for Front-line caregivers such as Personal Support Workers, Family members, Volunteers and others interested in learning how to better understand and care for people with Alzheimer Disease and other related dementias.  Please note these modules are not a replacement for the formal U-First! Program and therefore a certificate will no longer be available. They are intended as a supplementary program to reinforce key messages and reach a larger number of Front-line workers. It is strongly encouraged and key to the success of the integration of the education into practice that the supervisors of Front-line staff access the U-First! program themselves in order to support workers and address organizational issues

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Course Features

  • Eight modules exploring the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and environmental challenges facing those with dementia.
  • Each module takes approximately one hour to complete
  • Modules can be completed in any order
  • Learn practical tips
  • Use the U-First! wheel

Equipment and Software Requirements

Since Me & U-First! is a net-based on-line course certain prerequisites are needed

  • Internet access (preferably high-speed, dial-up will work but will be slow)
  • Windows XP
  • Internet Explorer 6 or higher
  • Adobe Reader 4 or higher
  • Flash Graphics installed on the browser


You should also be conversant with basic computer & network skills such as:

  • Open & closing browser windows
  • Downloading files from the internet and opening them with the required application on your PC.
  • Printing documents from downloaded files

All the software (except for Windows XP) is free of charge to download from Microsoft and Adobe (www.adobe.com)